Special Services for Wooden Pallets

If you are shipping overseas, heat treated pallets are usually required. Don’t risk your shipment getting stuck in port. It is much more cost effective to spend a little extra now and have the pallets heat treated and stamped so there is no doubt about its safety for international shipping requirements.

We do not use chemicals on our pallets

Our wooden pallets are treated only with heat, to kill any bugs that may be residing in the wood. Heat treatment effectively cures the wood and makes it safe for shipping. No chemicals are necessary or ever used at Dominion Pallet.

Heat Treated Pallets


We deliver pallets to your facility and provide backhauling to mutually beneficial locations such as:
We backhaul your pallet loaded product on flatbeds or closed trailer trucks.

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Dominion Pallet is the leader in delivering custom pallet solutions to our customers for over 40 years. Your requirements will be met by our experienced team of design and production experts. The safety and security of our employees, your employees, and customers are of utmost importance to us.